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A philosophical base

Sat 9 Jan 2010 16:05:18 1 comment

By reading through other peoples writings, it becomes evident that many people identify with political ideologies. “Progressive”, “conservative”, “libertarian”, “feminist”, “environmentalist”, “nationalist”, “socialist”, “capitalist” (and many others) are words people use to describe themselves, their attitudes and how they see the world. The ideas behind these words are used as a basis to analyse and form opinions on a wide range issues and form suggestions towards ideal policies. The stronger someone identifies with a particular word, the more they will hold up the concepts as some form of absolute right or unavoidable truth; yet when the ideas are taken to the extreme few if any will continue to stand behind them. It’s as if the ideas behind these philosophies don’t form the basis of analysis or judgements, rather some assessment is being made at some lower level using more fundamental rules.

This post is partly inspired by a talk I watched a while ago by Jonathan Haidt, in which he covers the moral roots that he sees as forming the basis of these political ideologies. It clarified for me why I was so uncomfortable with identifying myself with any particular ideology. If I had to label how I analyse issues, I’d probably go for the word inclusivism, something normally associated with religious beliefs but I think sums up well how I approach political ideologies. Primarily that if someone is prepared to argue a position, let alone identify with it, then chances are that there is some element of truth in what they are saying. My approach is to try to understand and identify that element; and then to attempt to include it into my own views. This of course leads to the reasons I don’t identify with political ideologies; I see a worthwhile aspects to all ideologies but also see a lot missing from them; and my position on a given issue is always in flux so there is rarely any consistent pattern to see across multiple issues.

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Hello world!

Sat 9 Jan 2010 02:45:46 1 comment

Ok, here we go. So I’ve gotten a bit bored over my holidays and decided to start a blog (again) to have someone to put my opinions rather than spending all my time reading through other peoples opinions. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll end up going with this, but I have been collecting a bunch of topics over the last couple of months that I’d like to write about. I was thinking about making this a vlog after a work trip where my usual “gaming” time was spend watching youtube, but that all seems like a bit too much effort (maybe I’ll do it one day). Anyway, now seems like a good time to start being a new year and all.

Looking around at this interface, wordpress seems to have all the bits and pieces I could want for a blog. I think this is enough for a first post so time to find that publish update button…

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