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So that didn’t go as planned…

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About the same time last year I had the idea of starting a blog. Then predictably wrote one more post and let everything slide. I’m hoping this year will be different. This year I’m going back to university to begin a bachelor of laws (along with a bachelor of economics just for fun). Hopefully the experience will be a plentiful supply of ideas to write about. Hopefully it won’t absorb all the time I have to write about such topics.

The first experience I’m going to write about is the first step I’ve taken in the whole process directly related to study: buying text books. The whole application and enrolment process took place late last year, and I requested the cut back in hours at work a few weeks ago; I might write about those a bit later but for now it’s about the books. While those steps progressively built a surreal anticipation of getting back into academic pursuits and of a significant change in lifestyle, it was the physical act of acquiring the textbooks that made it real. It changed the “…one day…“, the “I’m thinking about…“, “I plan to..” into the “I am.

The purchase wasn’t without some apprehension. During the years I was studying for my engineering degree I’d only ever bought the textbooks for the first semester of the first year and they sat largely unused. Given the electronic and computer focus of my degree I studied from the online notes provided for the courses, finding them generally satisfactory. Adding to this rather negative view of textbooks is the knowledge that for two of my subjects the textbooks are written by the course coordinators and appear to be regularly updated. My cynical mind wonders if the aim is to milk unsuspecting first years as much as they can. Since I decided the buy the textbooks anyway, I’ll be able to read them and judge whether they’re worth they money.

With that in mind, I’m going to spend some of the restless energy that’s been building up since I enrolled and acquaint myself with the expensive piles of dead tree I’ve just bought.

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