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Time flys when you’re busy…

Sat 5 Mar 2011 16:19:47 3 comments

Since my previous post I’ve managed to read the first few chapters and they appear to be more comprehensive texts than the Critical Legal Thinking book. In particular the preface for the Law of Torts text indicates its intended as a reference for legal practitioners and not just students, and the structure of the book seems to indicate this as well. The recommend companion text is clearly directed at students who are early on in their legal education but again appears to provide content covering the scope of the subject rather just this particular course. Both of these seem to be a worthwhile investment given the complexity of the subject matter. The text for The Legal Method was the other text I had concerns about given it was also authored by the course coordinator, however so far it appears to be a decent text for the subject while also including the learning focused supplement of review questions. Along with the law subjects I’m doing Introduction to Macroeconomics, and judging form what I’ve read of the text it’s going to generally be a matter of concepts I’ve already picked up combined with a level of mathematics I could do in a drunken stupor. It’s making me reconsider the study of economics. Perhaps I’ll try to read a bit more of the material.

It was an interesting experiment in time management to try and read through several weeks worth of lecture material while till working full time. I think for the most part I’ve succeeded in the goal of being focused at work and at study, however other aspects of my life have slipped more than I’d hoped (such as this post sitting unpublished for a week). I’ve not being able to engage in reading and commenting on blogs to the extent that I have been, and have been a little lax with keeping up with the housework. Of course life’s unexpected goodies, such as my car breaking down (complete with lots of smoke), have played their role. Cutting back to part time work helped relieve a bit of that pressure, but I might still try to come up with a weekly study schedule.

There’s already one essay that I can start on, but there’s going to be a fair bit of research and reading to do before I put the metaphorical pen to paper. It’ll be interesting having access to the libraries journal databases, it’ll give me the chance to a bit of research on other topics of interest too. But before I get too far into that I have tutorial questions for next week that include a question of why I chose to study law…

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